G9 Offices-Building
  • 12 floors divided into 4 units
  • 3 glass atriums linking the units
  • double-glazed façade
  • over 3-meter high interiors
  • good daylight access
  • new, representative reception
  • lift lobbies clad with stone

The building was made from glass, concrete and steel. Common areas, including the new attractive reception and lift entrance halls, are clad with stone. Minimalistic project and natural materials give the impression of timeless elegance and simplicity – this enables the Tenants to give the interiors their individual style.

Project of the building was created by one of the best architectural design studios in Poland – JEMS Architekci. The value and the quality of the project was appreciated by the Polish Association of Building Engineers and Technicians (PZITB), which gave the building 'Construction of the Year' award.


G9 Offices-Location
  • 7 minutes' walk to the metro station
  • 4 minutes' walk to the nearest bus stop
  • bus and tram stops for approx. 15 lines in the building's surroundings
  • easy access to Chopin Airport, city bypass (Trasa Toruńska) and the A2 highway
  • Bus stop
  • Metro station
  • Tram stop
  • Metro station under construction
  • Veturilo city bike station
  • Railway station
  • Bike path
  • Airport

Site plan

G9 Offices-Location


  • double-skin façade: excellent daylight, additional thermal isolation, increased energy effectiveness = lower energy bills
  • convenience: 4 lifts, easy layout of each floor
  • safety: integrated BMS system, CCTV, access control, fire alarm system (SAP), voice communication system (DSO)
  • energy security: two independent power supply connections, two power generators, UPS
  • green building solutions, confirmed by the LEED Gold certificate



G9 Offices-Contact

Contact us to find out more.

+48 163 36 10

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